Socializing Media | What we offer
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What we offer

We offer a custom three-tier approach that includes:

  • Community Outreach: Our Co-Founder and Community Outreach Manager, Michele Rothstein, will use her decades of event planning experience to develop a networking plan that will increase your visibility in your community. She will achieve this by representing you at networking events such as conventions, festivals, and business mixers. She also coordinates community events on her clients behalf including – promotional booths, grand openings, special events onsite, and more.
  • Social Media Outreach: Our Co-Founder and Social Media Outreach Manager, Jody Graham, will handle the oversight of all social media platforms. This includes creating new content while integrating existing media to create a cohesive online presence across all platforms. Jody offers meetings with the client to discuss goals, measure activity, growth and ROI.
  • Brand Ambassadors: We will handpick social media brand ambassadors from our roster that best represents your brand. This exposes our clients to a devoted audience that will give them the best opportunity to build a strong foundation for any business.